Why I’m Talking More About Beginner Stuff

For those of us that have implemented Continuous Delivery and moved to (or solidified) working in a sharing culture (DevOps), many of the concepts are old hat. We’re all very excited to learn about the latest way to manage thousands of docker containers running in multiple data centers. We talk about monitoring systems that allow us to make fine grained business decisions based on very small, but very important, pieces of data.

Meanwhile, hardly anyone knows what Continuous Delivery is. Continue reading “Why I’m Talking More About Beginner Stuff”

I’m starting a swear jar for saying the word “guys”

I’m totally guilty of using the term “guys” on a fairly regular basis, even when giving talks in public. It’s very close to my “um”.

I want to stop. I really do. So, I’m giving myself an incentive.

I’ll donate $5 to Black Girls Code for every time I use the term “guys” in a public talk. Yes, I’m starting only with public talks so I can still pay the mortgage.


  • Please don’t interrupt an actual talk, let me know afterwards
  • This only applies to talks in the future, no fair going back in time to youtube
  • It’s $5 per usage, not $5 per person who catches me (again, gotta pay the mortgage)

Do you use the word “guys” when talking to groups of people? Join me!